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DIY Vs. Professionals -Cleaning Out A Parent's Home

DIY Vs. Professionals -Cleaning Out A Parent's Home

Taking care of a parent or elderly relative is an honorable task, however, cleaning out their home may be more work than you anticipated. As people age, they tend to hoard knickknacks, papers, and other items that hold sentimental value. While this is not generally harmful if left unchecked, the clutter can easily get out of hand. In some cases, an elderly parent or loved one may have passed away and you are now tasked with cleaning up their home. This can be stressful even in the best of times, but when you are dealing with a large number of items, it can often become overwhelming.

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is if you will clean out the property on your own, or if you will hire a professional estate cleaning service. Both options have their pros and cons, and depending on your needs, you will need to choose which option is best for your family.

DIY Home Clean Up

Cleaning up your parent's or elderly loved ones' property on your own is a big job. You can rent a dumpster and park it on the property to clean out the home at your own pace. This will also help you save money in terms of labor and disposal. For those who are looking to clean out an estate on a budget, this is often the best option. You can also rent a container for recyclable materials.

One of the most important advantages of DIY estate clean-out is that you will have complete control over what stays and what goes. You know what is important to your family, even if the items may not have a monetary value. Of course, going it alone means that you will have to put in more time and effort, which can be difficult if you are caring for a sick parent or struggling with grief due to someone’s recent passing.

Professional Clean Up

Hiring an estate clean-up service or a professional cleaning service is an efficient way to get rid of clutter in a short time frame. Depending on the circumstances you may need to secure waste removal services or rent a dumpster, but in general, these services will handle it all. Most charges by the hour or they have a flat fee that is calculated according to the size of the home. These companies have the skill, manpower, and experience to handle cleanups quickly.

One thing you can expect is a higher upfront cost when compared to doing it on your own. They are able to deal with hazardous substances, manage heavy lifting, and even arrange for disposal or donation of items that you or your loved ones no longer want. The main disadvantage of a professional service aside from the cost is that you may lose items that have sentimental value. While the professionals can usually spot items of value, those that have sentimental value can only be identified by friends and family. Whatever your needs, we are here to help. Call us today to learn about all our dumpster rental and waste removal options.

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