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Starting or Moving your Business in Dallas-Fort Worth? We can help!

Starting or Moving your Business in Dallas-Fort Worth? We can help!

For over 15 years, Advantage Waste Disposal has been renting front-load and roll-off dumpsters and portable toilets to new businesses opening in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Over the years, we've seen it all, and we have some handy advice for businesses starting, expanding, and relocating in DFW:

1. Don't skip the permits. Commercial buildings are subject to special inspections and code enforcement much different from residential houses, and how stringent those standards can be may vary by your location, age of the building, zoning, and the nature of your business.

  • Ask questions before you do any construction or demolition work to make sure you are 100% legal when you get ready to remodel your new office and throw those old floor tiles into the dumpster you just rented from us here at Advantage Waste Disposal.

  • Remember that it's you as the business owner that's ultimately responsible for complying with code enforcement and permitting, so be careful, take your time, and be sure to follow through on all your dates and deadlines.

  • Depending on where you are, you may need to pay a small Dumpster Permit fee in your municipality. Call them to be sure.

2. Pad your budget, and the calendar. Experience and a lot of our customers will tell you it will take more money and more time to build, remodel, prep, and open for business than what you hope it will. Expect the unexpected, and remain flexible.

  • Book rental equipment in advance, and be prepared to rent them for longer than your services providers say they'll need them.

  • Here at Advantage Waste Disposal, we can provide you with the dumpsters and portable toilet rentals you need to make your business location job site clean and functional at a competitive price.

  • Make sure to book a local commercial moving company in advance.

3. Don't ask your staff to go without plumbing. Not even if your contractor assures you it'll only be a week without toilets, refer to item #2 and book a portable toilet with us. We have different options to make your restroom remodel, or job site in its pre-plumbing phase, more pleasant for everyone.

4. Don't underestimate how messy remodels are, and also how much debris the process can create. The dusty drywall sanding process. The messy floor tile removal process. Giving an old space a new look can get pretty ugly before it looks beautiful. Even the most conscientious of builders and remodelers will probably wreak havoc on your workspace. Consider whether an air filter or air purifier might be a smart investment. Some of the same rental places that offer tools also offer these filters and purifiers.

5. Above all, enjoy the ride. We love the Dallas area and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else. After 15 great years in business, and still going strong, we believe this is a wonderful area for businesses to get their start or keep growing. Stay focused, work with the best people possible, and don't... throw away... your opportunities!

Good luck from all of us at Advantage Waste Disposal!

Check us out online at or call us at 972-222-4222.

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