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Yearly Roof Maintenance and Tips

Yearly Roof Maintenance and Tips

It is easy to lose sight of the essential exterior that safeguards your interior space with all the daily hustle and bustle. Your home roof is a big deal, and it is always necessary to maintain it. Once you start paying attention to your home roof as a homeowner, you will be rewarded with no issues and a long life span.

Here are yearly roof maintenance and tips you need to know as a homeowner.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

Inspect Your Shingles Frequently

Ensure to always check your roof regularly, especially after a natural disaster like a hurricane or high winds, and you don’t have to climb a ladder to see if something is wrong with your roof. You opt for good binoculars to see if your roof have any looming problems; here are things you should always check out for when inspecting your roof after a very heavy natural disaster:

● Curling slates

● Missing shingles

● Stick flashing

● Granules loss

If you notice any sign of damage, you should quickly call in an expert roofer who can easily look into your roof to make necessary repairs.

Get an Expert Roof Inspection.

You don’t always have to do things yourself; when you pay for a roofing check, a professional roof inspector can provide valuable tips for managing your roof and will also give you an approximation of how many years your roof will last. When you inspect your roof once a year, you will likely find potential issues and tackle them before they get worse.

Trim Any Overhanging Branches

Overhanging branches can be a potential problem to your roof; the tree branch can fall on your top during severe weather storm, you will have to be alert when it comes to cutting off any huge boughs that are directly above your roof; cutting down branches will help you lessen storm disaster and also present leaves from heaping on your roof too.

Wash Your Roof

As minor as this may sound, washing your roof at some point when it gets dirty will give a roof a nice new look, and it can help prevent the growth of algae; algae won’t cause any immediate damage, but if you leave it long enough it can slowly cause your shingles to rot, and I’m very sure you don’t want that, to avoid a situation like this it is vital to wash your roof now and then.

Look for Leaks in Your Attic & Ceilings.

It is essential to regularly check your ceiling and attic and your roof in case of water stains and damage. When you find watermarks inside your house, you should take that as a cue that your roof needs maintenance. Typical signs of leaks to look out for:

● Musty smell

● Water stain on your ceiling

● Stains on walls

● Bulging wall plaster

If you find any of these hints, you should immediately see the leak and call in an expert to check and patch it up.


Now that you know the tips to maintain your roof, you don’t need to waste more time. Follow up with regular checks and use the help of an expert if need be.

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