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What is a Barricade Permit?

What is required to place a dumpster in the street?

A barricade permit is required for equipment usage, deliveries, on and off loading of materials and storage of materials, supplies, or debris that takes place on public property or within a public way; or, for any temporary or part-day blocking of a street or sidewalk.

Barricade permit means the official document issued by the building officer of a local government which authorizes the placement of barricade appurtenances or structures within a public right-of-way.

Per city ordinance a Barricade Permit must be obtained from City before any work takes place within the public right of way. This permitting process reduces risk to the traveling public and workers by requiring a valid traffic control plan and field inspections of traffic control devices.

To receive a permit, submit the Barricade Permit Form (link for Dallas) including a traffic control plan to the City.

No dumpsters are allowed on public roads or places. If the dumpster rental is going to be in a private driveway or yard, no permit is required. Call 972-222-2444 to rent your dumpster today.

Traffic control must comply with all specifications set forth in the 2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices R2 (TMUTCD).

Properly implemented temporary traffic control reduces risk of accidents and injuries to workers and the traveling public. Well-designed work zones and detours reduce driver frustration and inconvenience. State regulations require that the needs and control of all road users including pedestrians and persons with disabilities be considered in highway construction, utility work, maintenance operations, and the management of traffic incidents. Work zones cannot be left unattended for extended periods of time. When practical, take down work zones when work is not taking place.

Part 6 of the 2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control (TMUTCD) offers a comprehensive guide to designing and implementing safe and effective work zones. The following excerpts provide guidance but should not be relied on solely for designing and implementing all work zones.

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