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The Average Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

The Average Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

Each remodeling project is different; some may feature cabinet refacing or replacement while others may be a total overhaul. Some may include the purchase of new appliances, while others may only upgrade lighting and fixtures. This makes giving an exact cost a bit difficult. If you look through popular publications magazines some of the costs listed range from around $50k for medium-sized projects and well over 100k for higher-end or total remodeling projects. Most of the estimates listed are given by professionals whose only job is kitchen overhauls. This includes utilizing all of the highest grade materials, dumpster rental and renovation debris removal, permits and more. However, if you do some of the work yourself the prices can decrease considerably.

Hard Numbers for Kitchen Remodeling Projects

A great source,, states that a minor project will start at about $18k and go up to 100k. Service Magic, other reliable sources put their estimates at $20k to $60k for all ranges. If you look on the site, their estimates are far lower starting at about $12k to around $35k.

There are a few options for cost control when it comes time to remodel your kitchen. If your project is simple, then you should consider doing all yourself, this allows you a lot of control over the cost as well as the time it takes to complete, if your job is a bit more complicated, you can do parts of it yourself and then turn the rest over to an independent contractor. If you are going for a full renovation, it is best to give the job to a professional, this assures that it's done right and will save you the expense of repairs in the future.

DIY Renovations

If you do most of the work yourself you can cut your overall cost to about fifteen to twenty-five thousand dollars. This involves not hiring outside contractors and simply re-facing your current appliances as opposed to purchasing new ones. You can also save money by hiring a dumpster from Advantage Waste instead of having a company haul away your construction debris.

Your current layout would also need to remain the same, and while you can replace your countertops, expensive materials such as granite or marble don’t figure into this cost-saving option. Most of the costs from remodeling a kitchen come from appliances, countertops, and cabinets, so full replacement it not advised, instead look for more economical appliances, sturdy but less expensive counter options, and when it comes to cabinets, only replace the fronts or re-finish them for an updated look.

Professional Renovations

When you hire a professional contractor, you will pay a bit more, but you can also rest assured that the job will be done right the first time. If you want to go for a completely new kitchen, then changing the whole layout as well as replacing everything in the space is right up your alley, even if your budget isn’t large, you can turn your old-fashioned kitchen into something that all of your neighbors will envy. Hiring a professional ensures that it will be done on time and that all changes will be in compliance with local housing codes.

Final Thoughts On Renovation Budgets

Regardless of if you are looking for a classic, contemporary or modern design, always take time to consider what would be wise to replace and what would be more cost-effective to keep. For example, changing the color of paint on the walls or the curtains is more affordable than changing the tiles or purchasing a new refrigerator that boasts stenciled designs. If your point in remodeling is for resale, always choose good looking but neutral options, if you don’t have the intent to move for a long time, go ahead with the unique color and patterns that you have in mind.

How We Can Help

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