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Succulents – Your Next House Plant

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Succulents – Your Next House Plant

Great for Beginners and Green Thumbs

The succulent trend began several years ago and only grows in popularity. These unique plants have been around millions of years. The current movement is attributed to their minimalist look, low maintenance care and health benefits. It’s hard to imagine you have not seen a succulent in the store or scrolling the internet. Maybe it is just my newsfeed, but they seem to be everywhere! Succulents are the little plants that remind you of a cactus. In fact, cacti are in the succulent family of plants. While they may be a current home décor trend, these neat plants also have health benefits. During this time of COVID-19 and staying at home, our environment has become important. Many of us are working remote and the four walls are closing in. Or maybe you have been caring for the kids and need to freshen the space around you. In doing a little research, countless resources suggested that house plants improve mood and aid in calming stress. In addition, succulents are known to remove toxins from the air. In a time of worldwide pandemic when we are all reading and talking and thinking about our health, these little plants can help improve mental health and air quality.

I love the look of succulents. They are so interesting! Each has a unique texture and form. We often see shades of green, but they do come in deep maroons and some flowering varieties. Here is the part where you get hooked on succulents. These little guys are low maintenance. Whether this is your first house plant or just an addition to your greenhouse, this is a great choice.

If you are new to house plants and want to take advantage of your time at home to add some texture and to your space, try a few of these. Aloe and Jade are easy to care for and start as small plants. Check out the Zebra Haworthia for some neat spikes. For a soothing look at your remote workspace, look for Burro’s Tail. Stay safe, Dallas! We are here when you need us.

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