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How to peel and install wallpaper like a pro

How to peel and install wallpaper like a pro

Installing wallpaper is easy; you don't need to call a professional to do it for you. However, it needs to be installed properly else the wall will end up looking clumsy.

The way you peel off old wallpaper goes a long way in determining how good the new wallpaper will look; this article contains tips on how to peel and install wallpaper like a pro, but first, here are what you need:

● Wallpaper

● Wallpaper paste or glue

● Wallpaper application brush

● Plumb line measuring tool

● Tape measure and a pencil

● Trimming knife

● Wallpaper table

● Clean cloths

Peeling old wallpaper might seem simple; that’s probably why people underestimate the importance of properly peeling old wallpaper. Most times, they feel it just involves pulling down the old one.

That's a wrong assumption. If not properly peeled, particles of the old wallpaper will affect the new one.

The first thing to do here is to prepare the wall, peel any remnant of the old wallpaper, carry out a thorough wipe down, and wait till the wall gets dry. Check the wall all over again for outlet covers and rough spots. Remove them till the entire wall is smooth.

Step by step guide for Installing wallpaper

Step 1

Start with accessible areas (the part of the wall that doesn't have tight corners, switches and sockets), preferably the part of the wall room that's not easily seen, like areas where furniture goes in front. This way, you are allowed to make a few mistakes before you finally adapt.

Step 2

After taking your measurements, add an extra 20cm of wallpaper (there should be excess paper than short).

Step 3

Do the unrolling of the paper on a pasting table, use a tape measure and pencil to mark where needs to be cut at the back of the paper.

Step 4

Cut your strip.

Step 5

After cutting out the piece, carefully paste it on the wall.

Step 6

After applying the strip to the wall, gently make the wallpaper surface smooth by using a clean cloth to stroke it gently, making it smooth from the middle of the paper to the edges.

Don’t worry; peel it off gently and reapply if it does not go as you want.

How to Handle Tricky Corners

Corners are the most tricky parts, so here's what I'll suggest you do: when installing the wallpaper, don't worry about the corners; focus on the wall itself.

When you get close to the corner, move the paper to the next part of the wall, then gently stroke it with a cloth into the corner.

Avoid putting pressure on the top and bottom of the corner.

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