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How to Install Recessed Lighting

install Recessed Lighting
How to Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights brightens the home from a light appliance that's almost hidden from many angles. This recessed lighting is a low-profile light that hugs the ceiling with just a cliff of trim visible.

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When installing Your recessed light, make sure to consider the circuits.

The electric power for recessed lights can come from either an existing source or an electrical circuit installed just for this project.

For the first step, draw a hole in the ceiling using the paper template provided by the light factories to create a circle for the hole. Personal precautions are advised.

You will use a jab saw to cut along the drawn hole carefully; if you are cutting more than just one hole, use a hole saw fastened to the end of a drill, as this will make it faster.

Next is wiring to the ceiling Holes—rough-in the supply wire to the recessed light. Since the wire is coming from its circuit, drag the wire down through the hole, and do not forget if a standard electrical ceiling box is present, it must be removed when installing a recessed light.

Connect the wire to the recessed light by ripping off a 4inchs of cable sheathing with the wire ripper, separating the coating from the wires inside the sheathing, and pulling the wire into the light's junction box to make the connections.

In this step, you will be installing the light in the ceiling hole. Put the light up in the ceiling hole, and the fitting should be tight, but not as tight as to damage the drywall close by. Add the recessed light trim. If your recessed light doesn't have any attached trim, install its separate trim once the light is firmly attached to the ceiling.

Lastly, add the light bulb specified by the recessed light's instructions and wire the circuit to the service panel by pulling the electrical cable into the electric service panel or circuit breaker panel. Attach the wire to an appropriately-sized circuit breaker (usually 15 amp), then attach the circuit breaker into an available slot on the service panel.

Final Thought

Little details add more beauty to our homes. Recessed lighting might be small and unnoticeable, but it can significantly change the home's overall appearance. If you don't already have one, you can easily install it following the instructions listed above without the help of a professional.

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