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5 Steps to Decluttering Your Bedroom

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Bedroom

How to Efficiently Restore Your Neat, Restful, Relaxing Space

It happens so easily... Your sanctuary of rest and relaxation becomes a dumping ground for stray clothing and a source of stress when your tired mind and body just want to peaceful place to decompress after a busy day of work and family obligations. To make your decluttering process as simple as possible, following this seven-step approach to restoring peace and tranquility to your bedroom:

  1. Make your bed first. It’s likely the largest surface and largest piece of furniture and focus in your room. By putting this surface in order first, you are making a drastic improvement to your living space in short order. By removing everything from your bed first and then straightening your sheets and blankets into an inviting, neat bed well made, your room will almost instantly feel more inviting and well-organized. Take care to gather up the items you just removed from your bed and sort them according to trash, recyclables, donations, laundry to be washed, etc. to make sure that clutter doesn’t stick around.

  2. Gather all the clothes lying around. If it’s not in a dresser drawer, hanging in your closet, or on a closet shelf, there’s a good chance it’s a stray article of clothing that is not where it belongs. Even items like bathrobes and nightgowns should have a hook to hang on when not in use. Take care to make sure everything—from daily wear items to seasonal outerwear—has a designated place where it goes so it doesn’t find itself perpetually littering your bed, nightstand, floor, or hamper edge for lack of a better storage solution.

  3. Clear and rearrange your night stands. While trying to lie down for a restful night’s sleep, looking a stack of unpaid bills or stressful newspaper headlines is not conducive to falling blissfully asleep. Reconsider using the top of your night stands to store things that should be put away out of sight when trying to fall asleep and rejuvenate. The better rested you are, the better equipped you are to face the day’s headlines and due dates in the first place.

  4. Floor piles? No more! This is when to reconsider why those clothes are lying on the floor and what you can do differently to manage them. Need more hampers or laundry baskets to catch clothes waiting to be washed? Need a shelf or basket in your closet for clothes you’d like to re-wear again before running through the laundry?

  5. Reorganize jewelry and accessories. This is especially important for a stress-free morning routine. Being able to readily locate and put on clean socks is important when you hear that traffic is backed up and you need to leave sooner than expected. Having your watch, socks, shoes, and other items ready to go the night before can streamline and smooth out your morning routine so there’s more time for waking up and looking great and less time running around trying to find your gloves and hat on a cold morning.

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