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4 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

4 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

According to the FHWA road weather management, It is said that each year 47 percent of accidents happen in the rain, these statistics have gone to show that driving in the rain comes with its own risk and people tend to avoid that risk by avoiding driving in the rain entirely. Although this might be a reliable way to avoid that risk, it is not a surefire way as you never can tell when an unavoidable circumstance comes up that requires you to drive in the rain.

The risk that comes with driving in the rain can be severely mitigated if we can follow some safety tips. These safety tips ensure that when you drive your safety is guaranteed and when you follow these tips it is highly unlikely for you to be involved in a car accident in the rain.

There are many precautionary measures you could take while driving but here are 4 safety tips for driving in the rain.

1. Keep headlights on: It is highly imperative that you keep your headlights on when driving in the rain for maximum visibility, you have to be able to see the road clearly to avoid any mishaps. It is advised that if your headlights are not working it should be fixed before driving in the rain.

2. Drive slowly: Another tip for driving in the rain is to drive slowly, your driving speed should be at or below the speed limit, that way you are ready and going slow enough t be able to respond to any sudden changes in the road.

3. Don’t drive in flooded areas: When you see water covering up the road, and it is so high that you can no longer see the markings that road is too deep for you to drive on, as it has been properly researched that as little as 3 inches of water on the road can cause difficulty steering.

4. Maintain total concentration: Try your best not to be distracted when driving in the rain as it is advisable to keep both hands on the steering wheel and keep your focus on the road so you can be aware of any changes before you plan your next move.

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