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4 Patterned Floor Tiles for Laundry Rooms and Bathrooms

4 Patterned Floor Tiles For Laundry Rooms and Bathrooms

Visitors may not have easy access to the laundry room like other parts of the home, but it is just as important as the rest of your home. Treat it like how you would do in other rooms.

If you haven’t seen the gorgeous floor tiles patterned floating around the internet, you need to take a look at this article! We love patterned floor tiles for bigger or smaller rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms and every other room in your home.

Durable Porcelain Floor Tile: Porcelain is made from a dense type of clay that is baked at a high temperature (2,000+ degrees Fahrenheit) for a considerable period. This removes nearly all of the water and makes it very dense and complex. Porcelain is thicker, durable and more complicated than many other building materials.

Through-bodied porcelain tile, in particular, is solid, durable, and able to withstand freezing temperatures. Unless they have a polished finish, these tiles are also slipping, scratch, and chip resistant.

Benefits Of Using Porcelain Floor Tile for laundry rooms and bathrooms.

● Liquid Resistance

● Highly Stain Resistant

● Durability

● Lifespan

● Low Maintenance

Ceramic Floor Tile: this is one of the best flooring choices for a laundry room and bathrooms from a design and durability standpoint. They're water and chemical resistant, and ones with natural finishes are more scratch-resistant than ones with a high polish finish.

Benefits Of Using Ceramic Tiles for laundry rooms and bathrooms.

● Unglazed Ceramic

● Water Resistance

● Design Options

● Allergen Concerns

● Cost less

Vinyl Tiles: Vinyl tiles for laundry rooms and bathrooms are affordable, highly durable, and easy to clean and maintain. They’re simple to install. And a single damaged tile can be replaced without replacing the entire floor. Vinyl is also highly resistant to chemical stains and water. The choice of tiles allows you to create a unique design element in the laundry room and bathroom without committing to a great deal of expense.

Benefits of using vinyl tiles for laundry rooms and bathrooms.

● Ease of maintenance

● Water resistance

● Cost

● Easy to install

● Durable

● Comfortable

● Design variety

Natural Stone Tiles: You’ve got to love the look and durability of natural stone tiles like slate, travertine, marble, and limestone. They add an elegant, natural touch to your laundry room and bathrooms and are easy to take care of with a simple dry sweep or damp mopping. However, it can be expensive to install and is essential to make sure they’re well sealed to prevent staining from possible laundry detergent chemicals or bathing shampoo.

Benefits of using natural stone tiles for laundry rooms and bathrooms.

● Aesthetically pleasing

● Unique colors and textures

● High resale value

● Desired by many home buyers.

Final Thought

Keep in mind that patterned tiles for laundry rooms and bathrooms have been around for centuries. There is no way it is going out of style anytime soon! Just remember to complement your house style and design aesthetic, and you'll end up with a custom design that's perfectly you.

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