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3 Ways to Properly Use Your Dumpster More Efficiently

3 Ways to Properly Use Your Dumpster More Efficiently

Whether we like it or not, dumpsters and trash cans play a huge part in the exterior décor of our homes, and it is a part that is often overlooked by most homeowners or is regarded as a trivial issue so not much thought is put into the placement and disposal method.

While issues regarding dumpsters in the home may seem trivial, it is much more important than you think, how it is used is usually what separates a clean home from a dirty home, so it is better most of the time to add a little extra thought into how you use it.

And to help you with that here are 3 ways to properly use your dumpster more efficiently.

  1. Mark out a space for your dumpster: Most dumpsters you see in front of a home are usually all over the place without a specific area allocated to them and it makes the front of the house look cluttered and unappealing. So it is advisable to specify a space for only your dumpsters, you could draw a circle or a square and allot that area to your trash alone. It improves external décor that way.

  2. Put your trash in heavy-duty trash bags: before you dump your trash in dumpsters it is advisable to put it in one of those heavy-duty trash bags, it helps your trash look a little better and it also makes it easy to dispose of totally. When you throw your trash directly in the dumpsters it exposes it to the public which is sort of an unwelcome sight to see.

  3. Separate recyclable trash from non-recyclable trash: Another thing you should look out for is separating your recyclable trash like bottles, paper, ceramics, and the rest from non-recyclables like organic food waste among others. You can then recycle the recyclable ones, this helps you keep not only your front yard clean, but also helps in keeping the environment clean and safe.

There are other ways but once you implement these 3 you should be able to see a visible increase in the efficient use of your dumpster.

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