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Worried About Inflation?

Worried About Inflation?

Homeowners, You’re on the Right Track

The fallout from the response to COVID-19 is far from over; in fact, some experts predict that the devaluation of our currency, also known as inflation, may occur in 2021 as the next economic consequence of the shutdown and its unintended consequences.

(On the other hand, still other experts argue inflation in 2021 is just a mirage and there’s nothing to worry about.)

Given the large Stimulus Bill in progress, among several factors, some opinions lean toward guarding against a reduction in the value of the U.S. Dollar. And that means squeezing the wallets of homeowners trying to do more with less spending power every month.

When inflation happens, the prices of everyday products rise, while the value of money falls. While a moderate amount of inflation is normal, a spike in inflation can cause problems.

So how can everyday Americans hedge against inflation financially, just in case?

  1. Gold. Even Warren Buffett invested into gold this year in a major way. When a currency’s value ebbs and flows, gold stands out as a generally consistent performer that grows steadily over time. No guarantees can ever be made about what a commodity like gold will be worth in 3 days, 3 years, or 3 decades, but its long-term trend has been steady growth.

  2. Real Estate. Homeowners, you’re on the right track. Assets like residential and commercial real estate hold value and continue to move forward even when inflation sends other markets into a tailspin. By investing responsibly into housing that is affordable, and even adding additional properties into your portfolio over time, these assets can help grow your wealth faster than inflation can diminish it over time.

  3. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). Some experts point to TIPS as the key to hedging against inflation most effectively. With a minimum investment of just $100, this is accessible to everyday Americans looking for a way to grow their money safely with a long-range outlook.

Above all, remember that inflation is a battle that is won over the long haul. Get qualified financial advice. All three of the options above do pose a risk of some kind, so do your homework and get accurate facts before making any choices.

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