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Top 7 cozy balcony design ideas

Top 7 cozy balcony design ideas

Most homeowners crave apartments with outdoor space, no matter how small (even just a balcony). If you are lucky enough to get a balcony, try to make the most of it, no matter how small.

Put a Small and Fancy Table

Putting a fancy table on your balcony will change its look; it will also come handy for morning coffee.

The table will need a chair, so I suggest choosing a matching chair, preferably one that folds.

Install a Built-In Seating

The balcony is a good place to sit, so utilize the space by installing a built-in bench.

Putting chairs that are not heavy means they can easily be blown away by the wind.

You won't have to worry about wind scattering your chairs or sending them flying if it is built-in.

Make it Green and Lush.

If you love nature, then you should try this design, add planters to your balcony and fill it with plants; you can also add herbs to make it smell fresh.

Use Floor Pillows Instead

If it is a rented apartment, you may not want to invest too much in the balcony, so here is an alternative: use comfortable and colorful floor pillows. They are cheap and can easily be moved.

Explore Outdoor Rug

Adding rugs is also a good option for people living in rented apartments since they can also be moved. Patterned rugs are preferable. Be sure the rug design matches the other elements in the balcony.

Maximize Your Wall Space

You can transform your balcony into a piece of art by using the walls to hang planters and arts (ensure the arts are weather-resistant). This way, the balcony will look like the extension of your apartment.

Light Up the Balcony

Lighting the balcony might just be what is needed to give your balcony its look. Try adding lights that will brighten up the balcony for the night, outdoor hangout. If you are renting, don't install permanent lights; rather, use string lights.

Bonus Tip

Hang a Chair or Hammock

You can turn your balcony into a mini-vacation spot.

Using a hammock or a hanging chair will give your balcony a Bahamas feel; follow this up with pictures or wallpapers of the sea.



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