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Ten Tips for Living Larger in a Small Space

Ten Tips for Living Larger in a Small Space

The COVID-19 quarantine has certainly brought us home… some for an unscheduled break from our daily lives, but many to begin working remotely and even homeschooling as well. Suddenly, our homes became our offices, our classrooms, and still our living spaces, with little time to prepare.

For those of us with small living spaces, it can be especially challenging to fit living, working, and learning into one small space and still feel comfortable, so choosing to be flexible, adaptable, and creative can help make this at-home arrangement livable and sustainable for as long as it’s necessary.

Here are ten tips for making your small space look and seem larger than it really is:

  1. Light walls and muted floors can make your room seem more spacious.

  2. Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

  3. Limit the variety of colors to make the room feel larger.

  4. Designate a work space to better concentrate.

  5. Declutter to instantly open up crowded spaces.

  6. Light and bright is the leading choice, but not the only way to go.

  7. Optimize storage space so less is in view and more is out of sight.

  8. Clean your windows, shelves, and walls to make a bright and open view.

  9. Hang longer curtains (ideally floor to ceiling) to make your ceiling look higher.

  10. Choose furniture on long legs to make the floor look more spacious.

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