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Stamped Concrete- Trend with Staying Power

Stamped Concrete- Trend with Staying Power The decorative concrete industry has been around for decades. Market research shows an upward trend in recent years and growing steadily. If you are doing outdoor work on your home or business, stamped concrete should be under consideration.

Typically for a designer look, we turn to individual paver stones. Let’s not underestimate the high value appearance and feel of stamped concrete. Personalization is also a great feature with a wide variety of color and pattern options.

This can be a DIY project. But I would expect best results from experienced contractors. Between needed elements, mixing, pouring, and stamping correctly; this is a big job with little room for error or do-overs. Experience is your best friend and worth hiring this job out.

Poured concrete is a cost-effective option for patio and sidewalk replacement. It can be done as an overlay or complete renewal. Ripping out a patio can feel like an overwhelming and cost prohibitive project. An overlay allows for the new addition over your existing space.

I have a patio concrete space that is aged, cracked and needs to be redone. Our property has a lot of hard space with drive, walkways and patio. Stamped concrete is a great option for me. I want to stick with concrete and not get into too many crazy mixed medias. This is an elevated space with steps and iron rail. Tearing it out and pouring fresh concrete with a possible design pattern would be a nice plan. If repairs aren’t needed, an overlay may be a good option for a refresh.

A few practical considerations to keep in mind about durability. Concrete cracks are common as the structure settles and moisture leaves the material. Another advantage, the stamped concrete can be sealed to protect against the weather.

During this season of social distancing, our outdoor space at home and business is getting a lot of use. We are expanding existing space or renewing. Consider the advantages of stamped concrete for your next outdoor project.

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