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Simple Project for Big Farmhouse Style

Simple Project for Big Farmhouse Style

Break out the pumpkins, dust off the gourds. It’s fall, ya’ll! This is such a fun season for decorating your home. From rich colors and textures, to the whimsy of scarecrows there is a lot to enjoy.

Fall just calls out for the cozy trends of Joanna Gaines and rustic farmhouse style we all love right now. Oversize blankets, fabric pumpkins and chalkboard signs are easy to find and perfect décor as the seasons change.

You have gathered the décor, styled it on the mantle just like the Pinterest images. However, no matter how you adjust or trade items, your mantle is not turning out like the farmhouse picture. What could be so different? It can’t be that hard to put a few pumpkins and candles on a mantle.

It’s not you. It’s your fireplace.

Farmhouse style shows a white or whitewashed brick fireplace. Your fireplace brick is traditional red. They are very different color backdrops and will change your look.

Good news! Painting the fireplace is a simple project. Not only does it follow the current farmhouse trend, it updates your home in general.

Collect your tools and let’s get started. You will need a drop cloth for the floor in front of the fireplace. Be sure to have a paint roller, brush and good amount of white paint.

Brick soaks up paint and those little, rough edges will be hard to catch as well. Begin painting with the roller and know that this may take several coats. Roll primarily in the direction of the brick. An occasional change of direction will catch those tough crevices. Use a brush to fill in between bricks. For a more whitewashed look, some people water down the paint first to thin it.

Dallas-Forth Worth is bursting with fall fun. Enjoy the season and invite the family over for pumpkin carving. Be sure to take a picture together in front of the fireplace.

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