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Preparing Your Home for Your First Baby, Time To Declutter and Babyproof

Preparing Your Home for Your First Baby

Congratulations! You’re expecting your first baby! Let’s Start Nesting…

While much attention is given to physical health of mother and child, the task of preparing your home for baby is certainly deserving of a great deal of focus down to the smallest detail. The heartbreaking tragedy of preventable deaths among infants cannot be overlooked during this joyful time. Because unintentional injuries are a leading killer among children 1-4, let’s take a moment to review the basics and look at what to look for as you declutter and babyproof.

Furniture tip-overs kill a child every 2 weeks in the US. Take care to check for furniture recalls and secure your furniture properly to protect your little one from harm. And if it can’t be secured, it’s time to sell, donate, or dispose of it properly.

It’s amazing how quickly you will accumulate new things for the baby, so culling unused items throughout your home before the baby arrives is a smart approach to keeping your home pleasant and organized. While some expectant parents host give-away parties or rent storage units, others call a nonprofit to come pick up their donations to quickly manage the process. If more junk than goods, maybe time to rent a dumpster.

While you accept gifts and hand-me-downs from others, remember to check expiration dates of products to ensure your baby’s safety.

According to Parents Magazine, it’s wise to take a room-by-room approach. Focus just on the kitchen and its risks, then just on the bathroom, and so on. Get down low to the floor and see the room from baby’s perspective… What looks like something to grab onto for balance? What looks colorful and curiosity-provoking?

Most importantly, guard against these hazards by taking a closer look at:

1. Hot Water Temperature. Too hot can lead to scalding your baby on accident.

2. Lock or baby-proof your bathroom door knob. The bathroom is a leading location of preventable home accidents.

3. Inspect your crib for safety risks and check online for safety recalls. The official

4. Make sure there are no heavy objects that can fall on baby; tablecloths should be removed.

5. Use gates to block off stairs. Use bumpers to protect baby from corners.

6. Lock up all cleaners and chemicals, especially colorful laundry pods and similar items.

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