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No More Stumps! How to Remove Bushes Completely.

No More Stumps! How to Remove Bushes Completely.

Round out summer with a final landscaping project. Tackle those dead or overgrown bushes.

Most homeowners know how to trim bushes. The first part of this project is very similar. Begin by removing branches from the bush. Cut low to dispose of large sections at a time. You will be left with the stump.

This is the kicker. Many people leave the stump behind. We’ve all seen a yard with dried out stumps. Take advantage of your green space and remove stumps left behind by dead bushes.

Stump disposal is the hardest part of the job. It takes the most manpower. It also takes a little know-how if this is your first time tackling a bush project. Let’s take the mystery out of it and remove stumps from the yards.

Safety tip: Be sure to call 811 before you dig. While you may want to dive right into the project, safety is the priority. Let the proper people come and mark your yard for electric, gas and water lines.

To remove the stump, you will need a good digging shovel. Preferably a shovel with a round nose or point for cutting through a root. You should also have on hand a hatchet for cutting through thicker roots.

Start digging a wide circle around the exposed stump of the bush. As you go deeper into the soil, you will need the hatchet to cut through thicker areas of root and debris. The goal is to remove the main root base. There will be some straggling roots left behind in the soil.

Stumps can be heavy. If you are taking out lots of bushes, a dumpster would be a big advantage. Keep the mess contained and easily disposed. Finish by filling in the remaining hole with dirt and top with grass seed. Take advantage of that new green space during the final days of summer!

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