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How to Prepare to Move for a Job

How to Prepare to Move for a Job

Preparing for your first move from one city to another is quite a leap. Whether you’ve had your heart set on a city for years or a recruiter has headhunted you, there are some important considerations to put in place. The move will affect your spouse, children, and other immediate family members who live with you or that you see regularly.

As you ponder the move, you need to prepare a soft landing for your family on the other side. Today, Advantage Waste Disposal shares a checklist of things to plan for when moving for a job in a new city.

Plan Early for Your Housing Solution

The availability and price of housing will be your primary concern when coming to a new city. Research your location’s real estate market; if there’s a seller’s market, you can expect to pay more for a home as demand will exceed the supply of housing. You can reach out to a real estate agent to help you decide on an appropriate district to live in depending on your workplace and proximity to schools for your kids.

If you decide to buy a home prior to your move, have a clear picture of the size of mortgage you can afford. Use a monthly mortgage payment calculator and reach out to your bank to determine the interest rate you qualify for.

Reach Out to Service Providers

It’s likely that you'll need some work done in the new house before or immediately after you move in. You may need the grass to be cut or walls repainted to your taste. Find service providers to work on your landscaping and other areas of your home early in order to negotiate favorable prices. Take advantage of any discounts they have. Read their reviews online before you sign off on any work to begin.

When hiring a moving company, United Van Lines suggests providing them with sufficient information to help them plan effectively. Be clear about the date of moving, time, and your new address.

If you will be cleaning out your old house or renovating your new one, consider renting a dumpster from Advantage Waste Disposal!

Juggling movers, contractors, landscapers, and utilities providers can get confusing, so keep track of your notes and paperwork by creating digital files that you store on the cloud. That way, you can access the information anywhere and any time during your move. There are great online tools that will help you create a PDF online​. Then, you can organize the files into folders in the cloud.

Organize Your Work Schedule

Think about how the move will affect your work. If you have to quit your previous job, plan the handover so that it doesn’t overlap with your moving week. You should allow yourself several days to pack, move, and settle in the new city.

For those situations where you have yet to land a position at a new job, before approaching would-be employers you should work on a resume that will stand out. You can start with a resume generator that will help you to produce a slick, professional-looking resume that you could either hand out at interview time or share via email or an online job portal. You can choose from a library of well-designed resume templates, and then add your latest work history and list of accomplishments.

If you or your spouse still have other remote jobs, make sure to clear your schedule for the moving week. Avoid moving in the middle of the school term unless unavoidable circumstances necessitate it. It’s easier on kids when they move and start a new school year in the new city.

Tapping Into Networks

If you are part of your local chapter of a professional body or social club, reach out to the chapter in your new city. TopResume notes that being part of a network of people with whom you have things in common is a great way to find your footing quickly.

Taking the Leap

Moving to a new city requires courage when your family is already comfortable at your current address. But some professional opportunities are impossible to pass up. Planning early to find a home, taking advantage of free online resources like resume builders, and working with professional service providers should ease your transition to a new city.


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