Green Gardening: Sustainable Gardening Tips

Updated: Feb 9

Green Gardening: Sustainable Gardening Tips

As covered by The Houston Chronicle, sustainable gardening makes a positive impact on our lives here in Texas and beyond. What is sustainable gardening? The EPA describes Composting at Home as adding organic composting material to the soil to help plants grow.

As a result, the EPA says composting food waste in gardens helps reduce landfill waste while promoting healthier, more fertile garden vegetables, fruits, and flowers:

· Improves quality of soil: it retains more moisture and decreases disease and pests.

· Decreases chemical fertilizer use.

· Produces nutrient-rich humus in the soil.

· Decreases landfills’ methane emissions while also lowering our carbon footprint.

Sustainable gardening starts with water conservation in gardening, so choosing the right sprinkler or irrigation method, and maximizing rain water, is key.

Next, selecting the right plants for your climate is important. Those that need less added water are ideal. This list of drought-tolerant plants can be handy for Texans.

Wherever possible, compost. According to NPR, the ideal foods to compost include:

· Eggshells

· Fruits and vegetables

· Rice and grains

· Flowers

· Coffee grounds

· Tea Bags

· Cooked food (without meat, oil, or dairy)

By taking care to choose the right plants and make the most of your organic waste and water, you can enjoy a sustainable garden that produces today and makes a better future for the next generation of gardeners. For more ideas try DIY Compost Bin Ideas.

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