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Fail-safe plants for busy homeowners: Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

Fail-safe plants for busy homeowners: Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

Curb Appeal Native Plants for Outdoor Beautification

If you’re like many Americans, the “new normal” is stretching your time and energy across additional responsibilities. In the wake of the pandemic, American families are facing a new reality of supporting public school student remote learning, caring for young children at home instead of utilizing daycare, and providing elder care to avoid sending loved ones to nursing homes.

While the fleeting minutes in every hour seem to be shaved away by these added priories, the time left over for maintaining an attractive, comfortable home is being pushed aside. With so much pressure these days, decorating with easy-to-keep plants can make you feel better at home, and add curb appeal to uplift your neighborhood, while not adding to your stress of daily living.

In this two-part series, we are looking at low-maintenance plants that can add beauty to your home without the fuss, especially during this challenging time.

For outdoor plants, choosing native plants that thrive in your home’s local hardiness zone is key. The means these plants are already best for the temperature and precipitation naturally occurring in the local area. Simply consider the amount of sun exposure the plant will receive, and there’s a good chance for not only survival, but beautiful vegetation.

Feeling environmentally friendly? And not allergic to bees? Look for low-maintenance plants identified as the best plants for pollinatorsto support a thriving flower and vegetable habitat.

Shrubs can be a key to making your landscape work. They’re an easy way to give your landscape a facelift, and you can place them anywhere you need to fill in space.

Need some friendly advice on which native plants are best and how to care for them? Check with your Native Plant Society for helpful advice and pointers.

According to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, some great native species to consider include:

· Texas Pistachio

· Eastern Redcedar

· Dusty Miller

· Engelman’s Prickly Pear

· Rockrose

· Honey Mesquite

· Nandina

· Tree Cholla

· Engelman’s Prickly Pear

· Sweet Mock Orange

· Lantana

· American Elderberry

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