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Entry Way Organization: Declutter Your Way to a Welcoming First Impression

Entry Way Organization: Declutter Your Way to a Welcoming First Impression

Helpful Hint: Use a Catch-All Basket for Items They Tend to Drop at the Door

“Mom! I’m home!” Thud goes the backpack. Flop-flop go the shoes. And then the footsteps running to the bathroom... If your home is like most, the entry way is a dumping zone for everything in the way of your family and the toilet on most days. So how do you keep it under control so you’re not tripping over shoes and accessories strewn from the door and inward?

  1. Use a catch-all basket for general items that tend to be dropped in that area. In cold weather, this may be the place where mittens and gloves land to thaw and dry. In warm weather, it may be where sunglasses find their cases (hopefully) instead of getting scratched and stepped on.

  2. Use hooks or cubbies for backpacks and bags if they don’t make it to a bedroom or homework area. Every household is different, and every entryway varies in its spaciousness and layout. If your children are instructed to keep their backpacks by the door, a heavy-duty hook that can withstand the weight of a full backpack may be in order. Or, perhaps a freestanding cubby would be a more rugged solution for keeping bags up off the floor in designated spaces.

  3. Try baskets for collecting footwear, especially if they can slide under a bench or seating area used to putting on and taking off shoes and boots. This can alleviate the problem of strewn shoes all over the entry way while making it fast and convenient for even the youngest shoe throwers to comply.

  4. Move extras to closets and bedrooms. Limit everyone’s use of the entry way for shoe and accessory storage so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming and cluttered. By keeping the entry way’s shoe selection limited to just the 1 or 2 most commonly worn pairs per person, this can help keep the clutter under control.

  5. Add storage shelves and hooks to the walls for smaller items like keys, outgoing mail, shopping lists, and other priority items that must stay top-of-mind on your way out (or in) the door. Simple wall-mounted entry way organizers can provide a safe catch-all solution for accessories like sunglasses without taking up any floor space, which is typically at a premium in an entry area. In addition to the wall-mounted storage organizer, also consider adding an entry way mirror to the area. Not only does it serve a practical purpose of checking your appearance one more time before heading out the door, but it also helps to create a sense of more space and more light than without a mirror.

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