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Do you have a frozen water pipe?

Do you have a frozen water pipe?

As temperatures gradually warm and power is restored, more people will discover their frozen pipes were damaged. Here are some tips to know now before you find out you have a problem.

  1. Know where and how to turn off your water main before there is a problem.

  2. Listen or watch closely for signs of water where it should not be.

  3. If you're not going to be home for an extended time, turn off your water before leaving just to be safe.

Sign of a frozen pipe may include one ore more faucets no longer dispense water. Many frozen pipes don't burst and end up being okay.

Thawing a frozen water pipe quickly is important. However, it is just as important to thaw the frozen pipe correctly. Click here for 7 tips to follow to help you get the water flowing and to help you avoid a burst pipe and potentially damaging flood at your property.

While frozen water pipes are bursting all over DFW please beware of plumbing scams every homeowner should know. 7 red flags listed here.

“We have seen this type of reprehensible behavior from crooked roofers during the hail storms of the last couple of years,” said District Attorney Kenda Culpepper.

Culpepper noted on Blue Ribbon News that independent contractors may start visiting residents’ doors or cold calling to ask if plumbing work is needed. She says to ask questions, get a copy of their driver’s license and licensing and bonding credentials, get a contract in writing, and never pay a large amount of money up front. Consumers can also check resources like the Better Business Bureau, area Chambers of Commerce, Angie’s List, etc. or ask for – and follow up on – reliable references.

How many more weeks till Spring Break? Stay Safe DFW!

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