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DIY Wall Christmas Tree

DIY Wall Christmas Tree

It’s the time of the year again. Celebration all around us. A lot of family time and enough food and drinks for everyone.

But the moment may not be colorful without beautiful decorations in different corners. Of all the items for decoration, the Christmas tree always stands out. It is a constant reminder of the love and tenderness of this festive season.

Buying a beautiful Christmas tree is a good option, but you can do more by making one by yourself. Making a Christmas tree does not only save your money; it is also a chance to spend time having fun and being creative with your family.

This blog post will guide you on creating a wondrous Christmas tree by yourself.

5 DIY Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

1. A Wrap of Fairy

This design will help you save space in your room and give you the Christmas ambience. It is the perfect alternative to the actual Christmas Tree. The essential items you need to achieve their wall Christmas tree are two wooden poles and artificial fir or green tinsel. All you have to do is place the wooden poles in a triangular shape and wrap the tinsel around it, coiling upwards. You can as well glow up the decorations with fairy lights.

This decoration is a fun and fantastic way to recycle paper rolls in the house. The process starts by gathering all the paper rolls, such as toilet paper rolls and painting them with the same color of your choice. You can fix the papers directly on the wall or on a large hard paper. You place the paper rolls together until you form a pyramid shape like the Christmas tree. To make it more appealing, you can put ornaments inside each paper roll. This way, it looks like a well-decorated Christmas tree.

3. Horizontal Fir Branches

This decoration is your best bet if you need something simple but appealing. To create this wall Christmas tree, you need branches placed horizontally above each other, with each top tier becoming smaller in length until you achieve the desired height of your wall Christmas Tree. You can make it more beautiful with tree ornaments of your preferred color and shape.

4. Spell it on the Wall

DIY generally gives you freedom of creativity. You don’t have to stick to a particular pattern. Spelling the word CHRISTMAS on the wall gives you the freedom to be creative with stickers. To create this decoration, you need fancy-designed alphabets to spell Christmas on the wall vertically. Next, you place stickers around the spelling on the wall in the shape of a Christmas. Using stickers that are Christmas related will create the perfect holiday ambience.

This is an easy-to-create decoration. All you need is a long line of fairy lights and nails on either side from the ground to the top. The ideal area to place this design in the corner of the room. Turn the lights on when done to create a bright and cheerful glow.

Make it memorable

Making a wall Christmas tree by yourself does not only beautify the environment. The whole process is fun and engaging. It makes the decoration memorable.

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