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Curb Appeal: A Seller’s Gameplan

Curb Appeal: A Seller’s Gameplan

Today’s home sellers must bring their best to the table to compete in areas hardest hit by the pandemic.

In the era of COVID-19, 30% of Americans are considering moving to less densely populated areas to avoid the pandemic. In fact, roughly 40% of Manhattan neighborhoods were left vacant as those who could leave the area, did.

In a time of upheaval and unrest, then, those who wish to sell their homes in certain markets are facing different trends. In some areas, increased demand may be beneficial; in others, decreased demand may squeeze pennies and challenge sellers more than ever.

In January, before the pandemic hit the United States, unemployment was at a 50-year low, interest rates were at unprecedented lows, and the greatest problem in the housing industry was scarcity in housing stock.

How do you boost your home’s curb appeal to attract a great offer? Make sure it takes a great picture. Half of buyers in 2019 found their homes on the internet, and the average search only took three days.

To efficiently improve your curb appeal, consider these five main areas of practical focus:

First, see your home as a guest sees it for the first time: house numbers, mailbox, front door color, and even clean gutters can subtly (and economically) make a great first impression.

Next, improve upon larger surfaces and hardware on the path to entry. Pressure wash your siding, replace worn door hardware, and re-stain your garage door.

Then, remember less is more. Neatly arranged lawn furniture in good condition and with plenty of space is important. Fresh, growing greenery and flowers add life and a welcoming feel.

Once inside, remember brighter lights make a home look cleaner and more welcoming. Likewise, removing electrical fixtures and any extra appliances can make rooms feel tidier, especially in photos.

Bonus tip: Take photos of the outside of your home and each wall of every room as you move through your curb appeal process and look at it with a fresh perspective; what stands out as a distraction to you will make potential buyers distracted as well.

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