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Create an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area on Your Property With These Steps

Create an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area on Your Property With These Steps

Outdoor kitchens and dining spaces have become relatively popular throughout the last year, especially since the pandemic forced people to find new ways to enjoy their extra time at home. No longer just an area with flowers, the backyard has become an extension of the house for people to relax and entertain during comfortable summer nights. Read on to learn how you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Create an Ideal Outdoor Dining and Kitchen Patio

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen isn't just great for outdoor cooking, Morning Chores notes it's also convenient for anyone who loves to spend time outside with their family. Optimally you’re able to set up your outdoor kitchen and dining area on or near your deck. This allows you to cook and socialize away from the grass and trees where there are insects and possibly muddy areas if you’ve gotten some rain. Be sure to invest in the best grade of materials and most qualified contractors you can afford. If you're interested in making your own outdoor dining and kitchen space, check out these fantastic ideas on building an exquisite eating and cooking station.

Additionally, you could use an outdoor dining space as a place to meet a client if you run a business out of your home. Of course, the space will need to accommodate meetings and include access to the internet, electricity, etc. You could even punctuate this space by adding accent lighting. This is a wonderful place to meet people (weather permitting, of course) if you don’t have room inside your home.

Whether you’re taking the project on yourself or having the pros build out the project, you’ll need to establish a budget. If you currently own your home, refinancing the mortgage to a lower monthly payment could free up funds for home projects like an outdoor area. First, you’ll need to determine how much your current home is worth -- easily done by using an online mortgage calculator -- and work your way from there.

What is the Best Outdoor Kitchen?

The best outdoor cooking and dining area includes all the essentials. No matter how big the space, start with a grill with a counter beside it. Choose between a charcoal or gas grill, then consider storage cabinets, an outdoor sink, fridge, or even a pizza oven.

An outdoor kitchen and dining patio is a significant update you can make to the property, especially if you're considering selling your home soon. The modifications and updates will definitely increase your house's appraisal value, allowing you to sell it for a better price. However, ensure you document the changes by snapping before and after photos and keeping all of your receipts so you can meet the value increase criteria.

Identify Where Your Outdoor Kitchen Will Go

Before building your outdoor cooking and eating patio, take note of the space you have. Even a small outdoor kitchen and dining area can provide sufficient room for kitchen essentials. If you have a pool, patio, or another backyard area, try to incorporate them into your configuration.

Designing Your Kitchen

Choose a design that goes well with the house and other backyard areas you may have, and hire a contractor if you're not planning to handle the updates yourself. You can build basic bases and cabinets for the outdoor kitchen on your own -- but if you want to include a fridge, sink, and other features, you will more than likely need help from a professional to install electrical and plumbing outlets. A good tip is to have a professional install the required lines before you install the cabinetry so you won't have to move them or risk any damage. Try to choose a design for the entire layout, and then have the professionals install connections to fit your layout.

Coordinate Materials

To have a stylish property, ensure you take inspiration from your home's architecture to achieve the design and aesthetic that feels like a natural extension of your house. Consider painting the outdoor kitchen the same exterior color as the house to make it blend smoothly into the background, leaving the focus on dining.

Pick and Mix Your Appliances

A fully equipped, permanent outdoor kitchen and dining space can end up being pricey. Even out the cost with a modular structure that allows you to add parts to the system when you have the necessary funds. Starting small will also provide you with the chance to analyze what you really need, and creating an outdoor kitchen that comes in segments can work better as your outdoor cooking confidence grows.

Ensure Your Outdoor Kitchen is Weatherproof

Weatherproof outdoor dining and kitchen patios are best built from robust materials, such as slate and natural stone, which are ideal choices for enduring use year after year. Choose stones in colors and textures that complement your home's architecture and the garden's overall landscaping for a cohesive outdoor dining area. Natural stone also lends an elegant look next to silky stainless-steel surfaces.

Make the Ultimate Backyard Entertaining Space

​For a flexible solution that can increase your home's appraisal value, be creative with the outdoor kitchen. Choose lightweight but weatherproof furniture and appliances, durable decking, and make sure the design matches the house's overall style for a natural and cohesive look. With a little creativity, you can come up with a whole “new room” for your home.

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