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5 Must Do Tasks to Prep for Spring from Advantage Waste Disposal

Tasks to Prep for Spring
5 Must Do Tasks to Prep for Spring

We can’t wait for Spring! There’s so much to do to shake off the cold months. We’re ready for your to-do list! Here are five ways you can prep for Spring:

1. Clean out the garage – It’s not too hot or cold. Spring is the perfect time to work in the garage. Clear it out, and organize your tools and toys. Make a note of items that need to be replaced and replenished. For a bigger job, like a shed or going after that clutter, order a dumpster. Call Advantage Waste Disposal at 972-222-2444 or chat on our website.

2. Walk the property – We’re not talking about a casual walk to the mailbox. Grab your phone or some notepaper and make an intentional walk of your yard. Pay attention to fences and areas of concrete. Take a look at your trees for any maintenance. Dispose of any branches that fell over the winter. Make a note of items that will need repair.

3. Service the AC Unit – take good care of the air conditioner. We talked about protecting this for winter. Time to take the cover off and call for annual maintenance. This summer, when it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, you will appreciate the routine of care. Call 1st Alarm Home Management at 972-635-3026 or visit them at

4. Storm prep – March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb. Storms are an unfortunate aspect of spring. reports that Texas averages 130 tornadoes a year. Valuable time is wasted during an emergency when families aren’t prepared. Plan ahead and practice your safety routine.

5. Plan your home project – Cooped up inside all winter, you finally decided that room must be gutted. Summer is the perfect time for an interior remodel which means you need to prep now. Line up a contractor and call Advantage Waste Disposal for a quote on the right dumpster for the project.

Roll into the Spring season prepared. Call Advantage Waste Disposal for a quote today.

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