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5 Must Do Maintenance Tips for Fall

5 Must Do Maintenance Tips for Fall

Fall signals the winding down of our outdoor season. As we say at our house, “It’s time to shut it down!”

Change in seasons brings a shift in weather. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures! A little home maintenance can go a long way in protecting your property.

Let’s look at five ways you can easily maintain your home with some fall prep.

1. Cover outdoor air conditioning unit: The AC got a workout this summer. Let it rest! Protect it during whatever wind, rain and dare I say snow coming this way. Hose off the unit and let it dry. Cover with an AC unit outdoor cover. These are typically heavy-duty tarp and can be found at your hardware store or online. Fit snuggly to keep out moisture. Unless in Texas, you might need it year round.

2. Clean out the gutters: This is a job for able bodied people. Otherwise, please hire a professional. Using a ladder and gloves, check gutters for debris or damage. You will want a clear path for drainage away from the roof.

3. Plants: Sadly, it’s time to dispose of the plants. Annuals can go in your yard waste. Perennials may need special care. In general, you can trim them down and cover with mulch for warmth. Pro tip: Did you like your arrangements this year? Make a note of what and where you planted your favorites.

4. Shut down the patio: It’s time to start bringing in the lounge chairs and patio umbrella. Gather them together to prevent blowing away or consider covering your furniture. In some parts of the country a cover is essential to protect from snow and ice. A cover is highly recommended for your grill or firepit. Keep moisture off areas that can rust.

5. Check your furnace: Furnace maintenance is so important and often overlooked. When the temperatures start to shift, turn on the furnace and check the filter. Schedule regular maintenance or call if you have any doubts about the unit. Better to have your furnace running clean and safe, then call for emergency repair on the coldest day when it breaks.

Don’t waste time! Take advantage of the seasonal change and protect your property!

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